Hexa: Greek prefix meaning "six"
Quiddity: the particular form imposed that gives some matter its identity, its quiddity or "whatness" (i.e., its "what it is")

Hexaquiddity was a 6-artist show at the XYZ Gallery in Blacksburg, VA. (223 N. Main St.) The show ran from 12/8/2005 to 1/15/2006.

The 6 artists had a combined 57 years of residency in Blacksburg and exhibited in a variety of formats and media.

 biographical information

 pictures from the show

Jacki Covington
Jan Downs
Pris Sears
Amy Splitt
Knic Umstead
Adam Wilson
abstract black & white photography
fine art and portrait photography
metal, sculpture, pastels
painting & collage
etched mirrors

Roanoke Times article on the show

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