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All shows are all-ages. $1/band. 1st band @ 9pm unless otherwise specified

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Saturday April 1, 2006: Spiral Joy Band travels the world and returns to the PlopHouse

Friday March 17 2006, 9pm Discordian Society, the Violent Spectator, Hideki Tojo

Saturday March 4, 2006 9pm The Misled, Drawn A Blank, The Two Funerals

Wednesday Februray 22, 2006 8pm The Dynamite Club, The Talibam, PPR

Saturday February 18, 2006 300-pound Ghost, Hideki Tojo

Saturday November 19, 9pm, $4 Speculative Sound Show
Bowles/Lawrence/Hoard Trio (Free improv: contra bass, saxophones, percussion. Pat Lawrence has also played with Chicago improv luminaries in the past, such as Ken Vandermark, Jim O'Rourke, Kevin Drumm, and Weasel Walter.)
The Walkouts (Local rock trio!)
A Problem of Alarming Dimensions (North Carolina instrumental post-rock in the vein of Bark Psychosis

Friday November 18, 9pm, $3 Georgia Invasion
PPR (Heavy and sweet, we love these fuckers from Georgia
Davey & His LapTop (Davey of the Visitations, another Georgia peach)
Plus two awesome local bands that will be named later.

Monday November 7, 9pm, $3 Are You Ready to Vote? Show
Hototogisu (Matthew Bower from Skullflower, Total, Sunroof and Marcia Bassett from Un, Double Leopards
Mikel Dimmick Spiral Joy Band

Saturday October 29, 9pm, Costume Ball: $3 without costume/$2 with
Gene Hackman, The A&R Guys, Sexy O'Sullivan the Perfect Female Robot, The Misled, Hideki Tojo

Saturday September 24: Return of PPR: Boss Rockers PPR from Decatur, GA and other local acts TBA - if you're lucky, Johnny No-Friends might play!

Friday, September 9th: People's Politics: Chris Chandler, the Political American Poet that the Washington Post calls "Dangerous!" will be stopping by on his east-coast tour. Also featuring Deral Fenderson and Hideki Tojo!

Saturday August 27th: Chaos: Blend on HIGH! Hideki Tojo and The Discordian Society storm the PlopHouse!

Saturday, August 13: A night of speculative sound, 9pm $3
Auk Theater
Eyes and Arms of Smoke
Spiral Joy Band

Saturday August 6: Acoustic fun Steppin' Out Weekend:, 10:30 pm
The Black Twig Pickers
Rayleigh (Liz's band from Greensboro!)
Special Guest: Artificial Constellation

Saturday July 30: WUVT's Germinate, 7 pm $3 suggested donation
300-lb Ghost
Johnny No-Friends vs. Hideki Tojo
The Misled
Spiral Joy Band
(This is the show that was scheduled for June on Henderson Lawn and was rained out. Don't miss it!)

Saturday July 23, 2005: Downing Street Memos 3rd year anniversary party , 3-8 pm
Come talk politics and listen to acoustic Deral Fenderson.
Part of the national Downing Street Memo Day.

Saturday May 21: PPR Is Coming To Get You Show: PPR from Decatur, GA and perennial favorite Johnny No-Friends!

Friday April 15: Tax Day ShowDown Show: Brown Frown ( Warning! Contains rudest navigation system ever), from Athens GA "Drunk and smelly. Pathetic angst, misdirected aggression." "...hard/heavy rock/metal stuff...Overall, an enjoyable CD is buried here under poor production value and purposefully offensive press materials."
With local special guests 300-Pound Ghost and Hideki Tojo (locals lineup subject to change pending confirmation.)

Sunday April 10: Sunday Afternoon Drone Show: ***Early Show 5pm*** The Mikel Dimmick Spiral Joy Band and Aaron Rosenblum from NYC "acoustic psych-folk, as well as percussive free-noise, droney drone-drone, and quiet noise-huzz"

Saturday April 2: Dark Melodies Show: Sharron Kraus (all the way from England!) with Caleb Stine "a dark-folk gem...melodies woven from acoustic guitar, banjo and hurdy-gurdy...murder ballads and forest laments"
With local special guests: New Sofa and Gene Hackman.

Friday, March 4: Last Show Ever: the Two Funerals (Blacksburg), Me vs. the Monster (Blacksburg), Syphilis Death Squad (WVA), Blacksburg Transit Overdrive (Blacksburg), the Misled (Blacksburg).

Friday Feb. 18, 2005: Spiral Explosion Show: Piccalinsu (Kyoto), The Guva (Osaka), The Dynamite Club (NYC)

Saturday Feb. 12, 2005: Shake It Up Show: Lived Like Murder (South Carolina), Hideki Tojo (Blacksburg), The Discordian Society (Roanoke)

Saturday Feb. 5, 2005: Oh No, It's Happening Again Show: Johnny No-Friends, Suchard, and Michael Dimmick Spiral Current Emotion Band

Tuesday Jan. 18 2005: Inauguration Celebration Show The Heroic Livers and the Visitations from Athens, GA, stop by on their way to DC.

Friday 12/17/04: Kung Fu Show: Dynamite Club. Escaped lunatics from NYC kung fu each other. Spbxmplfr & Hideki Tojo

Saturday 12/04: House favorites: Johnny No-Friends, Suchard, and Michael Dimmick Spiral Current Emotion Band. 9pm

Friday 12/03: 50 Shows in 50 States Benefit for The Two Funerals, Stars Fell On, Jetnoise, Against The Norm (Blacksburg Debut!), Shannon LeCorre (Acoustic melodies!). Sponsored by $5. Early show - starts @ 4pm. Flyer

Friday 11/19: Chaos Show: The Discordian Society, Johnny No-Friends, Hideki Tojo

Friday 11/5: Hardcore Show: Accursed Dawn (Lexington metal, back in blaxxx), Battle Master (Fantasy metal from RVA), Lovers and Killers (Crust-core from Baltimore)

Friday 10/29: Hip-Hop Show: Southern Comfort & special guest DJ

Saturday 10/23: Hardcore (?) Show: Last November, Me Vs the Monster, Dragonsaur, Out for Justice

Thursday 10/21: Bush Protest Show: Deral Fenderson & the Visitations

Friday 10/15: Hardcore Show: Out for Justice, The Hate Crimes, Turning Seasons, False Hope

Friday 10/8 Tres' Artiste Show: Johnny No-Friends, Michael Dimmick Spiral Enmity Band, Suchard & Hideki Tojo

Friday 10/1 Punk Show: JFKs, Pissant, the StraitJackets, the Misled

9/19: Hardcore Show: Baroness, False Hope & Shadows and the Silence

Friday 9/10: DeathMetal Show: Aseraphymn, Choke Chain, Kaottick, Terror Ascends, and Syphilis Death Squad

9/5/2004: The inaugural show: Johnny No-Friends, Sing! Sing! Prison, Skyline Awake, and the Misled

All shows are all-ages. $1/band. Usually, 1st band @ 9pm

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