The Medicine Tree
"The Medicine Tree," Erika Nicholson & Pris Sears

I read constantly. I particularly love genre fiction - sci-fi, spec-fic, horror, fantasy, crime and mystery.

I have a blog where I review books and ramble on about whatever else is currently interesting me. Check it out here. It is also the current home of The Tiptree Memorial Women in SF list.

Also check out my A. A. Attanasio page. I collect his books and short stories in real life, and I keep this web page collecting bibliographic information and various book cover art. My favorite living science fiction author, his first book, RADIX, blew me away when I was about 15, and I've enjoyed everything he has written since then. His series on King Arthur is a very satisfying mix of astrophysics, quantum mechanics, Arthurian legend, and Norse, Celtic, and Christian mythology. His own web site is here.

I also collect books by Philip K. Dick, James Tiptree Jr., Sherri Tepper, Lord Dunsany and Richard Brautigan, among others.

(C) Pris Sears