Teeth Dreams
Multimedia sculpture exhibit

More of my art can be found here, including metal masks and lanterns and other bone, driftwood, and multimedia sculpture.
This is an online version of a show I had at the XYZ Gallery. You can access each room from here, there are also links to the next room at the bottom of each page.

Room 1 - multimedia and found object sculpture, a painting
Room 1 - Part 2
Room 2 - metal masks and an unusual lamp
Room 3 - metal lanterns, large and small
Room 4 - a multimedia presentation and the Teeth Dreamer
Quicktime Movie - 3MB version Need QT? Go here.
Me in the gallery

I had my first one-woman art show at the XYZ Gallery, in Blacksburg, VA, during the summer of 2000. I called it "Teeth Dreams." That's a phrase I got from Radix, a fantastic book by A.A. Attanasio.

The show was a lot of work, and a lot of fun. You can take a tour through the rooms, check out pictures of the sculptures, masks and lanterns, read commentaries, download the powerpoint presentation, and view a QuickTime movie of gallery on opening night. The following pages are graphics-heavy.

More of my art can be found here, including more masks and lanterns and other multimedia sculpture

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